Types Of Commodity that can be sorted
Basmathi Rice
Double Boiled

This series machines are the combination of the best technology available today and our decade years of experience in the color sorting industry to give you the ultimate benefit of getting consistent good purity in sorting with minimum loss of good grains in the rejection that means more profit to you.

This machine is designed with unique powerful software that makes billions of right decisions to identify the size of defect & spot defect to arrive upon the acceptable product that pass through the high tech line scan camera in a millisecond. This machine has additional advanced features as mentioned.


Truly add power to your sorting strength with its improved software & hardware capabilities such as quad level sorting technology and one millisecond jet valve ejector.

Quad Level Sorting Technology To set different levels to sort precis spot defect, and chalky. CP4 / CP8 equipped with Defect Grouping By Dark And Light sorting technology. It can group the defects at two levels as color defect and spot defect and each group it can sort dark and light defect thus giving you the benefits of 4 levels of sorting for your input commodity



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