Types Of Commodity that can be sorted
Basmathi Rice
Double Boiled

Now you can demand for more quality output in our Lumen series color sorters. This series machines are the combination of the best technology available today and our decade of experience in the color sorting industry to give you the ultimate benefit of getting consistent good purity in sorting with very minimum loss of good grains in the rejection which means more profit to you. 

With its powerful 2048 pixel camera, 1 millisecond ejector response time, you can get your sorting done at great accuracy and speed. What's more, this machine is built with embedded computer and can withstand any future inventions that will be made in sorting algorithm.

Now, sorting rice with defects of specific size is made easy. Thanks to the ORANGE's Lumen with Contour Mapping and Quad Level Sorting Technology.

Lumen Machines are equipped with 2048 Pixel single side camera and can be used to sort Rice, Sugar, Gum, Dehydrated Onion etc.



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